Brick and Cedar Fencing

The brick and cedar combination is an attractive, durable structure that will be the envy of your neighborhood. Instead of posts that are part of most fences, there are 72-inches brick pillars that look much more visually appealing.

Chain Link Fencing

The chain linked fence can be the perfect solution for a strong, durable, and economical way to keep pets and children safe. It requires minimal maintenance and provides excellent security.

Ornamental Metal

Ornamental metal fences are designed to replace the elegant wrought iron designs of the past, they are made of aluminum and galvanized steel which are coated with a powder coat finish in order to prevent rust, It comes in many styles, colors and sizes. Its most common use is as a swimming pool enclosure.

Vinyl and Composite Fences

Vinyl and composite fences can last a lifetime and require very little maintenance. Vinyl and composite fences manufacturers claim that they are less expensive than wood in the long run, when you put in the expenses of repair, re-finishing and eventually replacement of the wood fences. Vinyl fences are made from PVC which is the same plastic used in waste pipes and vinyl house sidings. Composite fences are made from a mix of wood fibers and plastic resins. The wood fiber provides strength while the plastic keeps the material from rotting. Vinyl fencing exists for many years and comes in many styles

Post and Rail Fences

Post and rail construction is used to build fences in a range of styles, they are very efficient in covering large areas because they use so little lumber.

Wood Panel Fences

Pre-made fence panels make the work of putting up a fence much easier, it is best suited for flat yards. Fence panels come in many styles, it will be usually made from a thinner wood for the stringers and siding. Wood fence panels are constructed usually in 6 or 8 feet lengths. The most common wood types use in making fence panels are cedar and pressure treated pine. It is very important to inspect every board in each panel carefully when selecting wood fence panels

Picket Fences

In the past, many homes were surrounded by a white picket fence, today, there are many new designs and styles of this classic American fence. Picket fences are usually white, however, you can match your house trim color or stain for another alternative

Board and Stringer Fences

The board and stringer fence style is constructed from a simple frame with at least two rails called stringers that run parallel to the ground to form the frame, it is a high-quality, well built wood fence, it would be appropriate to use this fence in a contoured yard. | | | U.S. Department of Labor |