Wooden Gates / Garden Gates

If you have spent time, effort and money on your garden you will probably want to choose a wooden gate to finish the job off properly. As with any choice you had to make when planning and designing your garden you also have to make sure you think about your wooden gate and how to make the most of it and the way it fits into your garden. Deciding on the design is one of the most obvious decisions you will have to make when having a wooden gate made. You probably have an idea of how you would like your gate to look but getting this thought onto paper or more importantly onto the designers blueprint can be a little tricky to say the least.

If you are doing the design yourself you must make sure that you have properly labelled your drawing of the design of wooden gate so that the craftsman has no doubt in his mind exactly how you want the gate making. To get the design perfect you will need to draw the diagram to scale and put the appropriate sizes next to each part of the wooden gate.

If a specialist is going to design your garden gate for you then it will probably be wise for you to give then some design guidelines to follow such as what era you would like it styled on e.g. Georgian, Victorian, modern, contemporary etc. You will also want to let them know what colour you want the wooden gate to be when finished as any designer will tell you colour has a big bearing on how any work of art looks in the end.

Before you get cracking with the design process of your wooden gate you will need to have a clear idea of what constraints you have. For example if you have a wall or wooden fence in place already you will need to know the size of the gap that the wooden gate will be fitting into to. Also you will need to decide as to whether your wooden gate will be fixed to your garden wall or fence or if you are going to have gate posts fitting into the ground for the wooden gate to hang on. Another important constraint is cost. If you are on a tight budget you do not want an extremely intricate design that will take a joiner half a life time to carve out.

An important part of a wooden garden gate that often gets forgotten is the hinges and latch. If these are just stuck on as an after thought they could well ruin the design of your garden gate. Try to even your budget out so that you dont spend everything on your wooden gate and then stick some cheap and nasty hinges and a latch on. For one they will look out of place and for another they will wear out a lot quicker and risk damage to the gate.

Wrought Iron Gates

For exterior adornment of a vintage home, you cannot go wrong with beautiful antique wrought iron. Classy and durable, you will find vintage ornamental iron railing, antique wrought iron gates, wrought iron balcony railing and wrought iron fence panels available from years past, and refurbished, they are ready to use in your classic home of today.

Antique wrought iron is well-known in particular areas of the country. New Orleans, with its historic French influence, has homes that feature glorious iron lacework antique wrought iron on balconies, gates and fences. In fact, the Eiffel Tower is made from a type of wrought iron.

Wrought iron was produced before the years when steel became a common building material. Wrought iron has a fibrous appearance because slag is included in the iron and gives this type of iron its grainy appearance.

Ornamental Iron Railing
Wrought iron balcony railing is perhaps the most romantic use of wrought iron today. You might be so lucky as to find beautiful hand-forged ornamental iron railing available. Wrought iron balcony railing features seemingly impossible curves and curlicues to add to the flourish of these decorative pieces.

Antique Wrought Iron Gates
For the ultimate in security and beauty, consider the addition of a lovely gate at the end of your driveway. Antique gates come in a host of styles. Several are square in shape, while others have distinctive flourishes and curves at the top to make a unique statement about what is to come once you drive past the gate toward the house. Antique gates are available that are open in design, while others are more ornately ornamented, and of course those will weight quite a bit more than the less intricate ones. Suitable hardware and posts upon which to hang the gates are crucial to their proper function, and will need to be considered with each gate you might choose.

Wrought Iron Fence Panels
A garden fenced in glorious wrought iron will truly stand out from the crowd. Intricate designs create a stunning backdrop for your landscape, and work especially well with romantic flower gardens that feature roses, and even flowering vines such as clematis that drape over the fence panels.

If your home is more Modern in design, there are fence panels of wrought iron that would work for you. These types of fences utilize geometric shapes in their design, and stand out as pieces of art in their own right against the landscape.

Chain link gates

Chain link gates are very easy to install when you understand how the pieces fit together. It is usually installed more for practical reasons than for esthetic ones. It is recommended to start with the gate, once the gate is installed you can install the chain link fence to go with it.

Basic gates

It is critical to have adequate distribution of the gate weight for proper operation. It is recommended to buy the gate hardware before you build your gate, since it will affect the space between the gate and post.

Driveway Gates

In recent times, well-designed driveway gates act as a measuring stick for a property. Apart from the security factor, driveway gates are highly stylish and can make a property stand out. Moreover, with most of the driveway gates manufacturing company in the UK launching automated systems, people have found a better alternative to safeguard their property. Installing and operating a driveway gate is comparatively easier making it popular among private property owners and possessors of big commercial holdings.

Driveway gates are installed to provide some sort of resistance. While a manually operated one costs less, handling it can be hectic. Moreover, since it can be opened by anyone, unknown visitors can easily trespass on the property. A driveway gate in such cases serves merely the purpose of ornamentation. Automated driveway gates are an improvement in this line. Giving the owner of the property or the security guards the right to open or close it, an electronic driveway gate can ensure better safety. Moreover, a good driveway gate will ensure that it can get operated through intercoms, mobile phones and hand-carried transmitters.

For those staying alone or in case of elderly couples, an automated driveway gate can really be of great help. Shopping malls, offices, banks and other public places where safety is of the utmost concern, rely upon automatic security systems and driveway gates for entrance and exit. With a good number of companies in the UK specializing in driveway gates and parking systems, laying hands on one has become simple. A wide variety is available with them and one can choose either a sliding one or a swinging one.

However, before installing a driveway gate, that too an automatic one, certain things should be taken care of. • Firstly, decision has to be made about the type of gate one will opt for. Sliding gates can cost a little more than swinging ones, especially if the driveway has slopes on either side. Moreover, if there are objects hindering the gate from opening properly, then a swing gate is a better option.

• Next, the material out of which the driveway gate will be made has to be judged as it will affect the budget. Wooden driveway gates are less costly compared to steel. However, from the security point of view, steel driveway gates do score over wooden ones.

• Accessories related to driveway gates are equally important and should be carefully chosen. Since the wheels, bolts, and hinges are the supporting factor, they should be hand-picked wisely.

• Motors for operating the driveway gates are yet another factor that needs attention. A good motor which can support the weight of the gate has to be chosen to ensure that the driveway gate stays in top condition for a long time.

• Maintenance of the driveway gates and its various parts has to be done from time to time. Sliding doors have the tendency to get blocked due to debris clogging the slide panels. It is therefore wise to invest in one which comes with a brush joined to the gate. This will ensure that the track always stays clean.

Automatic driveway gates, therefore, ensure an easy and secured life. While one can easily install it with some installation instructions, it is better to leave it to the professionals for a proper finish.

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